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Van Valkenburg & Son Jewellers is a five generation, family owned business. We are still here today because of our great customers and the level of service and quality product that we have offered them over the past 140 plus years. It has always been our intention to attract customers through our front door so we can show off our smiles, our quality products and our fine service and that is still our intention however, times change and so do we. This is our second generation website and our hope is that it will assist you in your endeavour to find not only us but the product that fulfills your need. We hope that you will use the site to check us out, maybe find exactly what you are looking for and to contact us one way or another for further information.

Jewellery especially is something that needs to be seen live and in person, explained and talked about, so once we have your interest please stop by and see us.

We’re proud to have been part of your community for years. In every stage of life, a piece of jewellery or a small gift are the mementos that people cherish.

Whether it’s a promise ring, a charm bracelet or an engagement ring, we know that every piece is as special as the moment it commemorates.

We look forward to seeing you in our store. Here on our site, you will find thousands of items to help you narrow down your choices or even find that special piece that’s “just perfect.” You can add things to a virtual wish list and then click the Send to Jeweller option. That will let us know what you’re interested in so that when you come in, everything is ready.

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4 King St W Forest ON N0N 1J0 Canada

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