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135 Ontario St S Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Canada : 519-238-6786 Website:


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Five generations ago, shortly after the second world war, Ella (Nan) and Stanley Martin (Gonk) moved to Grand Bend to open what was known as Dooley’s Lunch on Main Street. Fast forward to 1955, they purchased a plot of land in Bosanquet township. They opened what was known as the Bluewater Restaurant at 135 Ontario St.

Over the decades, our family has operated a number of successful businesses to service the community. The property was briefly sold in the late nineties and opened as Aunt Gussie’s. It returned to family hands when LeeAnn (Stanley’s great granddaughter) and Patrick Powers bought the business back (2006).

The Lake Hound is the newest incarnation of our family business legacy.

Like most people that find themselves in this part of our world, it is hard not to be drawn to the beauty of Lake Huron. As a result, naturally you have become a Lake Hound.

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135 Ontario St S Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Canada

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