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Rosie’s Ice Cream Shoppe

25 Main St N Bayfield ON N0M 1G0 Canada : (519) 565-2004 Website:


Photo of Rosie’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Located in the heart of the Village of Bayfield is Rosie’s Ice Cream Shoppe with its easily recognizable pink, turquoise and purple awning and usually a line-up of eagerly awaiting customers or customers walking away as they get ready to devour their purchase.  While at Rosie’s customers indulge in hard ice cream (London Ice Cream Company), milkshakes, sundaes, Gelato, frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream, cookies and cream sandwiches or frozen yogurt smoothies.  Rosie’s is also a Yogen Früz franchise and makes all frozen yogurt and smoothies with real frozen fruit.  
Customers can also enjoy a variety of cold drinks such as cans of pop or bottles of juice or water.
Rosie’s Ice Cream Shoppe  is open from April 1st to the end of October
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25 Main St N Bayfield ON N0M 1G0 Canada

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