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Ipperwash Beach Club

6543 West Parkway Dr Lambton Shores ON N0N 1J2 Canada : 519-243-5040 Website: www.ipperwashbeachclub.ca


Photo of Ipperwash Beach Club

Beautifully and completely renovated in 2017, the IBC sits on a historic site, formerly home of the Ipperwash Hotel. Originally built in 1920 with handmade cement blocks by Nathaniel Dailey and Colonel John Ross, the building has served the community for close to 100 years.


The new owners of the IBC, a family with deep roots in the community for more than 50 years, recognized that time had taken its toll on the storied building and envisioned something new and fresh to serve as a gathering point for locals and tourists alike.

After close to a year of renovation, Ipperwash Beach Club has transformed into the place for family and friends to meet for a satisfying meal, refreshing drink, or perhaps an ice cream on the large and comfortable outdoor patios.

It’s like a club with no membership required!

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6543 West Parkway Dr Lambton Shores ON N0N 1J2 Canada

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