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Exeter Thai Cuisine

365 Main St S Exeter ON N0M 1S0 Canada : 519-235-3737 Website: www.exeterthaicuisine.com


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Exeter, is finally experiencing the wonder of authentic Thai cuisine, a favorite of many people around the world. Nancy Sanawong, Chief Chef of former Thai Angels restaurant in Toronto opens up her second restaurant, changing its name to Exeter Thai Cuisine after being charmed by the beauty of Exeter and its people

Exeter Thai Cuisine will be serving you some of the finest dishes made from the four fundamental tastes of Thai food: sweet, sour, bitter and salty; with additional spices of your liking. Some of the finest foods on the menu are the Platters, Green Curry, Mango Salad and few more to mention.

Experience the beauty of the town of Exeter as well as Thai Cuisine by having the best of both worlds in one location!

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365 Main St S Exeter ON N0M 1S0 Canada

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