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99 Victoria St Thedford ON N0M 2N0 Canada : 519-296-4916


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Don Johnson Insurance has had the opportunity and pleasure, to sell Lambton Mutual Insurance products, in the Thedford and surrounding areas for the past twenty-eight years. It is a pleasure to work for Lambton Mutual Insurance as it is one of the oldest and most respected Mutual Companies in Ontario. Their longevity can be attributed to their ability to keep pace with the ever-changing insurance demands of the twenty-first century.
Lambton Mutual’s Claims’ Department has one of the best reputations in the industry. They ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the integrity of the Lambton Mutual name by adjusting and settling claims efficiently and thoroughly.
Our staff at Don Johnson Insurance has more than fifty years experience in the insurance industry, so we feel confident that we are able to give you the most knowledgeable and up to date insurance advice possible.
The rapport with our customers, is extremely important to us. We look forward to meeting with our customers, on a regular basis to ensure that we keep up with their changing insurance needs. Getting to know our customers has ensured that we are able to match their personal insurance needs with our many and varied products. We welcome customer input and questions about any aspect of their insurance policy and will endeavor to improve coverage while still maintaining competitive insurance rates. Hence, many of our customers have been loyal clients for the entire twenty-eight years that we have had the privilege of serving in Thedford and surrounding area.
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99 Victoria St Thedford ON N0M 2N0 Canada

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