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We were setting ourselves up to live short sick lives.

This was called survival mode and we knew it couldn’t last.

We needed to change, not because we HAD to but because we WANTED too!

You can call it a “gut feeling” if you like, but whatever it was, it was a feeling that we couldn’t ignore.

So we immersed ourselves into the Holistic lifestyle with an “all in” mentality and quickly learned how overwhelming it all can be.  We didn’t know how to piece everything together and we certainly didn’t have the time to try out new fru fru recipes from the latest nutrition guru.  This made it easy to fall back into our old habits and relaunch this perpetual cycle.

We knew there had to be something that could stop this craziness.

Something that didn’t require rearranging everything in our lives but big enough to bring us back to life!

And then we stumbled upon brewing. Not wine or beer but Kombucha!

It just made sense.  It was fun, new and easy to incorporate in a busy life and yet it had such a massive impact on overall health.   It was then that we realized health doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s Easy, quite easy and tasty too!

So we fused our knowledge as Holistic Nutritionists to pair fruits, herbs, roots and botanicals with specific teas to create a fun, fizzy beverage that could bring us back to life!  Raw, Organic, Alive, Gluten Free, Vegan and brewed using traditional fermentation techniques, the ease of CSK Kombucha can be savoured by virtually anyone.

Feeling alive doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with simple steps like drinking a bottle of Culture Shock Kombucha a day.  Be open to easy and say YES to feeling alive!

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23 Main St Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Canada

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