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18 Goshen St N Zurich ON N0M 2T0 Canada : 226-678-0069 Website:


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Artizan Alley is located in Zurich, Ontario, Canada on Goshen Street and is owned by Shanon S. Waht. Artizan Alley is a unique store that is host to over 20 local vendors with products from antiques, wood signs, apparel and decor.

Shanon ran Born In A Barn for 26 years but now is working on this exciting new business Artizan Alley. In the former Tasty Nu Bakery in Zurich, ON, he has opened an ever changing Artizan Experience.

New beginnings are scary, so this new chapter is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. New location, new town, new name, new business, new friends, new home and lastly, new start.

Over 20 Artizans have joined him on this journey to make Zurich a tourist destination. With handmade products ranging from woodworking to knitting and blankets, to upcycled and reclaimed to jewelry and signs, there is something here for everyone. Vintage, antiques and funky stuff are mixed in to make this a MUST STOP spot.
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18 Goshen St N Zurich ON N0M 2T0 Canada

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